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The Sunflowers are a group of 6-8 year olds (1st and 2nd graders) led by Tracy Thomasson and Veronica Solomon.  The curriculum covered over the two-year span will deal mainly with Plant Growth & Development and Soils & Water, with selected lessons on Vegetables & Herbs.

There are a few things we’d like to stress about you and your child’s participation in JMG, and in Sunflowers in particular:


  • JMG runs from 6:30 to 8:00. Please arrive in time for your child to get their name badge on and settled for class. If your child arrives late, it disrupts the group, as we will have already started class.
  • Your child will eventually receive a JMG t-shirt as a result of the dues that you pay with your registration form. Please have your child wear the shirt to every JMG meeting.
  • After every JMG meeting, your child will leave with a homework assignment that is to be completed and taken back to the following JMG meeting. The homework assignment is important for reinforcing concepts that we have learned. Since we meet only once per month, it is doubly important to get it done!
  • There is a review as to what went on at the latest Sunflowers meeting on this website. Just scroll to find “Sunflowers News” and it will be there, usually no later than one week after we have met. If we can post the homework on the website, we will do that. This is helpful in case the homework sheet gets lost.
  • We like to honor the commitment the Sunflowers have to JMG, so we keep track of attendance, completed (and returned!) homework, and the wearing of the JMG t-shirts. Each meeting your child will get stickers for each of these three categories. At our last meeting in May, the ones with the most stickers in each category will be recognized.
  • Your child will receive a “birthday plant” in the month of their birthday. September birthdays will be celebrated with plants in October; summer birthdays in May.
  • We expect you and your child to help out with the JMG Plant Sale in the Spring. This sale is the only fundraiser we have, and it’s great to see the Sunflowers interacting with the public, helping them choose plants, or helping the purchasers load their plants in the wheelbarrows for transporting to their cars.
  • There is a Garden Contest every year and forms for this will be circulated in the springtime. Your child has the opportunity to plan, plant, and harvest flowers and vegetables in their own garden at home.
  • We will be taking photos of the Sunflowers and activities every month.
  • We will be in touch via email to let you know important news or announcements. One thing that we do is inform you as to when we are working in the garden so that your children come dressed prepared to get dirty!


We are looking forward to a great year with your children!