January 2014 Meeting

Happy New Year! We started the new year by reviewing what we learned about flower parts last month, then moved on to learn about plants’ basic needs:

P:  Place.  They need to grow in the ground or in a container.

L:  Light.  They need sun or artificial light.

A:  Air.  They need oxygen, not just above the ground, but below as well.

N:  N.  Nutrients.  Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium

T:  Thirsty for Water.  Like all living things, including human beings, they need water.

S:  Soil.  Or other material such as sand or gravel to grow in


Last month we looked at samples of soil with magnifying glasses to see quite a bit of living, organic matter such as decomposed leaves, pieces of wood, and insects dead and alive.  This month we looked at the largest portion of soil which is nonliving, or inorganic matter.  We identified the three major parts, sand, silt, and clay by putting some soil in a jar, adding water, and shaking it to see it settle into distinct layers.  It was amazing!


After discussing and seeing soil layers, we moved on to another major plant need:  water.  We talked about how we all are so very dependent on water.  The book, The Drop Goes Plop was so very interesting to read.  It traced a drop from a cloud to the earth, then to a stream, a water treatment plant, a sink, a drain, the ocean, and then up to the atmosphere in the form of vapor, then becomes a drop all over again.  This is called the water cycle.


Our activity was making a rain gauge.  I hope you all have been able to measure the rain we have received since putting outside.  It seems we have had quite a bit!  Remember to add water up the “zero” line, which is the line at which the sand goes up to.  This is called the saturation point.


To further realize how important water is to our lives, the homework has to do how watery our bodies are.  Please help your child figure this out.  Email me if you would like me to send the document in case yours gets lost.


See you on Thursday, February 13!


Mary Zimmerman (Mrs Z)