March 2014 Meeting

Carol Norden led the class while I was on vacation.  According to Carol, about one hour of class time was spent listening to three students give presentations as rehearsals for a 4-H competition.  Elizabeth Blow, a Sunflower for the past two years, gave hers on butterflies. (Please see the latest news on this website about how she did.)

For the last 30 minutes, the children made terrariums from gallon milk jugs, placing yogurt cups filled with seedling soil and seeds in them, and covering them with plastic so that the moisture stays inside.  We hope the children see their seeds develop roots and stems and then leaves.  The yogurt cups have holes in the bottom for drainage.  Please make sure that the soil stays moist, but not overly so.

Instead of homework due for next month, we are wanting everyone to sign up for the JMG Plant Sale.  Please see information on this website for the latest about this.

See you next month!  Please have your children dress in clothes that can get dirty, as we will attempt to plant some seeds in our garden outside.

Mary Zimmerman (Mrs Z)