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Wildlife Class Notes for April 2014


Hello Everyone! Here are the Wildlife Class Notes for this month. Once again we had exceptional attendance and participation in our club this month! 12 students were present! Thank you and I am so proud of you! J

Congratulations to Jordan Ibrahim for learning and memorizing his 4-H Pledge and saying it for us!!! Way to go Jordan! J

Also, I’d like to thank David Robinson for inviting his friend Collen Taylor to join us for JMG! We were very glad to have you join us and participate in our 4-H JMG club.

We want to send a VERY BIG THANK YOU  also for everyone who signed up for the plant sale! Your help was very much appreciated! My son and I volunteered on Friday morning for around 2 hours.

Here is a short summary of what was covered this month at our April meeting:

  1. We began class with my asking if anyone had memorized their 4-H Pledge.

  2. Jordan had memorized the 4-H Pledge and recited it for us! That was commendable!

  3. After Jordan said the 4-H Pledge for us, the 4-H Flag and American Flag were placed on the table and we all stood and said our pledges (Pledge of Allegiance to our American Flag and the 4-H Pledge) together in unity while I held up the 4-H Pledge banner.

  4. Students were encouraged to keep working on learning the 4-H Pledge that was laminated and given out to them in March. That is their homework for next month: Keep working on learning the 4-H Pledge. Also, homework is to take care of the seeds that they planted and nurture them along.

  5. The students were encouraged to sign up for the garden contest and the plant sale!

  6. Next, we talked about Garden Planning. We discussed having the proper site for planting, the importance of having 6-8 hours of direct sunlight, having rich soil and if it wasn’t rich how you can build it up by adding compost and Black Cow (composted manure) to it. I brought in several books from the library and showed them colorful examples of many kinds of gardens you can have: Raised Bed gardens, Square Foot gardens, Container Gardens, and just regular row gardens. I encouraged the children to go to the library and check out some books on gardening. I told them that the library has many wonderful books on gardening and that I got the books that I brought in tonight from our library which is the East Regional Library in Knightdale.

  7. After that, we talked about what kind of foods they liked to eat. They needed to know that once they plan the garden spot, they need to start thinking about what to plant! So we talked about making a list of what to plant based on what they liked to eat. I brought in lots of seed packets of vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, winter squash, watermelon, etc.) as examples of things they could grow.

  8. So once we had talked about Garden Planning and discussed what they liked to eat, we began to transition to our Seed Starting project. I brought in empty plastic 6-packs, peat pots, seeds, seed starter mix, labels, containers for mixing the seed starter with water, spoons, etc. that they would need to start some seeds. The children really enjoyed this activity! I hope that they will have good success with starting their seeds and those they will germinate well for them! J I was able to elicit help from the children for distributing 6-packs, cutting apart peat pots, passing out seeds, and mixing up starter mix in 3 containers for their classmates (one for each table to share). Everyone willingly volunteered and I saw lots of happy faces and busy hands! Mr. Jason distributed newspapers to the children to cover their work spaces for the seed starting and helped answer any questions that the children had.

  9. The children were reminded that they used their HEADs to think clearly as they did this project, and put their HEARTs into it, and used their HANDs to get it done well, and the vegetables they grow will be HEALTHY: That’s exactly what 4-H is___using their HEADs, HEARTs, HANDs, and doing things for proper HEALTHY living. That is how what we did relates to our 4-H Pledge! J

  10. That took up the full 1 ½ hours of our time and we had a very successful club meeting! My how time flies when we’re having fun! J

  11. To try and obtain more children to sign up for the plant sale, Mr. Jason brought two very nice prizes as an incentive for signing up to help with the plant sale! (A little birdhouse and a butterfly net) He awarded them to Duha and Katie.

  12. When we were all done, Mr. Jason encouraged the children to clean up their table spaces and go wash hands. The children were allowed to take a treat home with them.

  13. I’m really looking forward to next month but at the same time kind of sad that it will be our last one until the fall when Wake County Schools start classes again. L

  14. But until I see you again, remember to mist your little seeds that you planted once or twice a day and take good care of them. Do not let them dry out too much and do not let them get too wet. If you take good care of them and nurture them, they will germinate (sprout) and grow into something healthy that you and your family can enjoy and anyone else that you choose to share with! There was only one plant that was not edible that we planted and that is the Coleus plant, so do not eat that one. If it sprouts for you, that one will be pretty to just look at. J You can tell it from the others because the leaves will be multicolored leaves.

  15. Looking forward to seeing your little smiling faces for our last meeting of this school year, Thursday, May 8th at 6:30pm! And thank you parents for your faithfulness in bringing your children out to JMG! We appreciate it very much! You help make 4-H possible!

Learning by Doing!

Mrs. Evangeline