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Class Notes for September 2014

Hello Wildlife Group!  Here are the class notes for September:

The first part of our time together was spent with handling registration since it was our first class.  We shared about our summers and told about the gardens we planted.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for our first class of the new JMG school year!  Once everyone was present, we stood and said our 4-H Pledge and Pledge to our American Flag.  I circulated the roll and once everyone was signed in, we talked about what we did over the summer.

Next, we all went outside to observe our Wildlife Garden.  Our garden was looking a bit ragged and grown up with weeds, so we observed what we needed to do to make it look better.  After talking about it and observing, the kids made suggestions as to what we could possibly grow in our garden.  Some of the suggestions were possibly Moonflower, Roses, Daisy, and Pansy.

I brought in a few insects from my personal garden in clear cups for the children to observe.

Next we came back inside and the children were taught about Plant Classification and completed a Leaf-and-Seed-Sort Information Chart.  They learned that without a classification system, it would be very difficult to be able to identify all of the millions of plants in the world.  They learned that scientists have ways of organizing plants just like we have ways of organizing books and other things in our homes and day to day lives.  But scientists look at different plant parts like flowers, leaves, stems and fruits and they group similar plants.  They learned that some plants live for years and some plants only live for one year and then they die.

For the Leaf-and-Seed-Sort Information Chart, the children learned about Monocots and Dicots which are the two main groups that scientists divide plants into.  They made charts comparing the two.  They learned to differentiate between a monocot seed and a dicot seed.  One way to tell the difference between them is that a monocot seed is in one piece (Ex: corn) and a dicot comes in more than one piece (Ex: peanut).

The students were given handouts about Monocots and Dicots.

I told the children that Youth Fair Day will be October 4th from 10-4pm at Oakview Park in Raleigh.

Homework for next month was:

Research Moonflower, Roses, Daisy, and Pansy.  Tell if you think we would be successful planting them in our Wildlife Garden.

Study the handout on Monocots and Dicots.

Learn the 4-H Pledge by heart

Thanks so much everyone for your class participation!  I'll see you next month!

Learning by Doing!

Mrs. Evangeline