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Wildlife Class Notes for October 2014

Hello Wildlife Group! Here are our class notes for the month of October.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out this month!  Here is a summary of what we did.

After welcoming everyone, I circulated the roll then we stood and said our 4-H Pledge and Pledge to our American Flag.  After our pledges, we proceeded outside to work in our Wildlife Garden.  Many thanks to those of you who brought your gardening gloves and tools so that we could work and try to clean out our garden.  We spent a good bit of time cleaning out our garden and weeding it.  I bought some pansies and snapdragons to plant in our garden.  Everyone worked as a team to clear our garden of a ton of weeds!  We weren't able to get it completely weeded, but we did manage to still get several piles of weeds pulled out and disposed of.  Everyone, who wanted to, helped plant the flowers until it got dark.  When we had done all we could do in the light that we had, we came inside and washed up.

Congratulations to Mavry Greca who did her homework and was able to give the class information about the plants that we were to research for homework!  She did a great job!  We discovered that pansies might do well in our class garden, but not so sure about roses and moonflower because they require more sun and our garden gets some shade for part of the day.  I also discovered that snapdragons can take partial shade also, so that is why I brought some in to plant this evening.

After we washed up, we returned to our classroom where I taught them about North Carolina apples.  Goodness grows in NC!  Among other things, we learned that NC is 7th in apple production in the United States and peak harvest of NC apples is Mid August through October.  We talked about how NC has over 200 commercial apple operations which equates to around 9,000 bearing acres of apple orchards.  According to the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, apples are rich in pectin which has been associated with helping keep cholesterol levels balanced and plays a significant role in reducing the incidence of certain types of heart disease. That alone is a great reason to eat them!  Other health benefits of apples include helping fight off body toxins, aiding in digestion and just helping keep our whole system moving better.  Also, apples are good for cleaning our teeth when we eat them!

After making sure there were no allergies, we sampled fresh apples, apple chips, 100% apple juice, and fresh apple cake from Great Harvest Bread Company.

The children were given handouts about apples and an Apple Word Search and Maze to take home.

Homework for next month: Find some additional plants that you would suggest we use for our Wildlife Garden.  Even though we planted some pansies and snapdragons, we have some space that we could put in a few more plants.  Look for plants that would do well in partial sun/partial shade.  Bring 3 suggestions to class.  Also, learn your 4-H Pledge by heart!  If you can, also learn the 4-H Slogan which is simply: "Learn by Doing".  Let's see how many of you will know it by the time we meet again in November!  Bonus: When we return, who will be able to tell me at least 3 facts about NC apples from the handout you were given about NC apples? :)

Until we meet again, be happy, enjoy some NC apples, and enjoy this beautiful season of the year!  :)

Learning by Doing!

Mrs. Evangeline