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Wildlife Class Notes for the Month of December 2014

Hello Wildlife Group!  Here are our class notes for the month of December:

We had very good attendance again this month!  So thank you again parents for bringing your children out!  Also, I wanted to take the time to welcome our newest student whose name is Layla.  Thank you for coming and participating in our class Layla and we look forward to seeing you again in the coming months ahead!  Your class participation was excellent!


Tonight, we discussed the Seed Science experiment on page 10 of the Leader Guide. The objective was to use the scientific method to determine the effect on plant growth of removing the cotyledons from seeds. The children took their experiment home last month but reported that before any activity could happen, it molded. So they had to toss it out. I told them that is the way it is with science sometimes. We will try the experiment again next month or so. Together we completed their copies of the Seed Science Experiment Page on page 240 of the Leader Guide.

Next we discussed the results of the experiment on page 12 of the Leader Guide. It was called What’s Not the Same? The objective was for the students to become familiar with variables and constants. We reviewed constants (the things that stay the same); potting soil, three seeds planted in each cup, made plant labels and watered the little pots. The only variable was the light exposure. The children decided that the plant that grew underneath the artificial light was the healthiest and greenest of all three. The next best one was the plant growing in natural light. Everyone agreed that the plant that was growing in the dark was the worst. It’s leaves were yellow and its stems were yellowish/white and very weak looking. We talked about the importance of our plants growing under the right light conditions and how we need to be mindful of that when growing our gardens. Together, we completed copies of the Light Variable Lab Sheet on page 242 of the Leader Guide.

Next, 4 of the students completed their homework “Picture Yourself a Plant”! They did their very best work and I was very proud of them all!

Congratulations to the following students for completing their homework!

Fatima Akhtar

Mavry Greca

Duha Iqbal

Christopher Nighorn


I let them take turns speaking in front of the class, showing and telling about the plant that they drew, and they read the stories that they had written about their plants. They did a phenomenal job! I rewarded all of those who completed their homework and told them that when they do their homework when they are asked, they are using their little hands for “greater service” like it says in their 4-H pledge. I wanted them to see how what they did related to the pledge that they say each month. I want them to feel good about their accomplishments. When I asked them how did they feel doing that exercise, they smiled and said they really enjoyed it! I could tell that they took great care in doing their assignment and included such creative details in their presentations!

Lastly, I taught them the Plant Process called Photosynthesis. They learned that plants make their own food during the photosynthesis process and that they combine carbon dioxide from the air, chlorophyll from the leaves, and sunlight to make their own food. Together, we completed copies of the Oxygen Factory worksheet on page 243.


Aynsleigh and Andrew, we missed you and hope to see you in January 2015!

Homework or other Follow-up Activities Assigned:

Since it was Christmas, I decided not to assign homework so that they could enjoy their time off without having to think about doing any homework.


So until I see you again, be happy and think about the words you say when you recite the 4-H pledge and lets see if you can be mindful of these things wherever you go and in whatever capacity you are helping out or discovering!


Learning by doing!

Mrs. Evangeline